Thursday 8 June 2023

Reference image from SpaceWeatherLive

WL_23-06-08_1250 UT

WL_23-06-08_1254 UT

WL_23-06-08_1255 UT

WL_23-06-08_1256 UT

WL_23-06-08_1300 UT

Halpha_23-06-08_1137 UT

Halpha_23-06-08_1140 UT

This animation consists of 45 frames with a minute between each frame.

It was started at 1157 UT

Halpha_23-06-08_1141 UT

Halpha_23-06-08_1144 UT

Halpha_23-06-08_1145 UT

Halpha_23-06-08_1146 UT

Halpha_23-06-08_1148 UT