Friday 9 June 2023

Reference image from SpaceWeatherLive

WL_23-06-09_1041 UT

WL_23-06-09_1043 UT

WL_23-06-09_1048 UT

Halpha_23-06-09_0917 UT

Halpha_23-06-09_0920 UT

This animation was started at 0932UT and consists of 50 frames each separated by one minute. A still of this prom is directly above.

Halpha_23-06-09_0922 UT

Halpha_23-06-09_0924 UT

Halpha_23-06-09_0925 UT

Halpha_23-06-09_0927 UT

Halpha_23-06-09_0928 UT