Reference image from SpaceWeatherLive

Sunday 25 June 2023

WL_2023-06-25_0926 UT

WL_2023-06-25_0932 UT

Halpha_2023-06-25_0721 UT

Halpha_2023-06-25_0725 UT

I thought this prom may be worthy of an animation which follows. It consists of 90 frames separated by 60 secs but played back at 10 frames per sec. The following picture is the same prom imaged just over 2 hours after the first.

Halpha_2023-06-25_0932 UT

Halpha_2023-06-25_0736 UT

Halpha_2023-06-25_0726 UT

Halpha_2023-06-25_0727 UT

Halpha_2023-06-25_0729 UT

Halpha_2023-06-25_0730 UT