Tuesday 18 July 2023

Reference image from SpaceWeatherLive

WL_2023-07-18_1025 UT

WL_2023-07-18_1056 UT

WL_2023-07-18_1057 UT

Halpha_2023-07-18_0919 UT

Halpha_2023-07-18_0923 UT

Halpha_2023-07-18_0927 UT

Halpha_2023-07-18_0954 UT

Halpha_2023-07-18_0958 UT

There was apparently a large M5.7 flare from this large sunspot at around midnight last night. The very faint structures on my image are likely to be the remnants of that flare and resulting CME.

The Earth has been added for scale.