Reference image from SpaceWeatherLive

Monday 22 May 2023

WL_2023-05-22_1557 UT

WL_2023-05-22_1602 UT

WL_2023-05-22_1606 UT

Halpha_2023-05-22_1402 UT

Halpha_2023-05-22_1413 UT

Here can be seen a C class flare that apparently finished at 1414 UT. What follows is an animation of that flare starting at 1414 UT and lasting about 10 minutes.

The next image is of the same region, but much later, where it can be seen that the flare is no longer active.

Halpha_2023-05-22_1548 UT

Halpha_2023-05-22_1550 UT

Halpha_2023-05-22_1551 UT

Halpha_2023-05-22_1553 UT